Live from Apple’s WWDC 2017 Keynote

It’s time, Apple fans. It’s Day 1 of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference — which, in turn, means it’s time for Apple to debut pretty much everything it’s been working on behind the scenes for the past year. Just as we’ve been doing for ages and if you can’t watch the live stream at work, we’ll be reporting live from the scene with up-to-the-second updates as the news unfolds.

So what will Apple announce? The rumor mill has churned out whispers on everything from a major new build of iOS, to new MacBook Pros, to Apple’s take on the Amazon Echo/Google Home speaker concept. You’ll have to tune in to find out — fortunately, you’re in the right spot. We’ll be live blogging right here on this very page.

The keynote is scheduled to begin at 10 AM Pacific. For our friends around the world: that’s 1 PM Eastern, 7 AM Hawaii, 6 PM London and 1 AM on the 6th over in Beijing. With that said: swing by early. We pretty much always start bringing back photos and commentary from around the event before the keynote actually starts.

Greg Kumparak June 5, 201710:16 am

To talk about activity and Watch stuff, Kevin Lynch is taking the stage

Greg Kumparak June 5, 201710:16 am

Cook: Apple watch is designed to help you live a healthier life — people are absolutely loving the fitness information and activities

Greg Kumparak June 5, 201710:15 am

Next up: Apple Watch.

Matthew Panzarino June 5, 201710:15 am

Apple and Amazon finally talked to each other on the phone. Amazon Prime comes to Apple TV – Cook also teases Apple TVos updates later this year. 

Greg Kumparak June 5, 201710:15 am

Amazon Prime video will come to Apple’s TV app and all AppleTVs

Matthew Panzarino June 5, 201710:14 am

Apple dropping Swift Playground updates last week meant this keynote was packed. Now, Cook is skipping Apple company updates too.

Greg Kumparak June 5, 201710:14 am

First up: updates to the tv app

Greg Kumparak June 5, 201710:14 am

Cook: We have a lot to talk about today, and I do mean a lot. So I’m [skipping the company updates], besides telling you that Apple is doing great.

Matthew Panzarino June 5, 201710:14 am

Cook’s emphasis on the ages of these developers trying to set a diverse narrative – the typical vision is usually somewhere along the lines of a 20-30 yr old white guy, of which there are plenty here. But there are also many others represented.

Greg Kumparak June 5, 201710:13 am

Cook: Lets turn our attention to our four platforms — tvOS, watchOS, macOS, and iOS

Greg Kumparak June 5, 201710:13 am

Cook contrasts the 10 year old app developer with an 82 year old developer who “just published her first app this year”

Matthew Panzarino June 5, 201710:12 am

Apple has a lot of students here, I saw them out and about last night on the streets of San Jose enjoying themselves.

Matthew Panzarino June 5, 201710:12 am

Cook focusing on young developers now, including a 10 year old Australian developer who started coding when he was 6, with 5 apps on the store. 

Greg Kumparak June 5, 201710:11 am

Tim: The Apple developer community has never been more vibrant. We now have 16 million registered developers, 3 million added in the last year alone. We have 5,300 attendees here, from 75 different countries.

Matthew Panzarino June 5, 201710:11 am

Probably Tor Myhren behind that ad, they brought him on last year and you saw his work with the iPhone 7 campaign. 

Greg Kumparak June 5, 201710:11 am

“This is going to be the best and biggest WWDC ever

Greg Kumparak June 5, 201710:10 am

“It’s great to be back in San Jose — the heart of Silicon Valley.”

Matthew Panzarino June 5, 201710:10 am

Ok, that was actually a fairly funny video, I wonder who they got to make it. 

Greg Kumparak June 5, 201710:10 am

“I’m so glad that can’t really happen!”

Greg Kumparak June 5, 201710:10 am

Tim Cook has taken the stage

Greg Kumparak June 5, 201710:10 am

“Keep making apps” the video says. “The world depends on you.”

Greg Kumparak June 5, 201710:09 am

A man is crushing candy with a hammer to get his candy crush fix.

Greg Kumparak June 5, 201710:09 am

As the data center goes offline, iPhones and iPads stop working — and the world turns to chaos. Cars crashing, people running through the streets trying to hand each other printed selfies. lawl.

Greg Kumparak June 5, 201710:08 am

A new employee is being shown his new desk — he busts out a first gen iPod, goes to plug it in, and accidentally unplugs the entire data center

Greg Kumparak June 5, 201710:07 am

We’re kicking things off with a video in Apple’s Cupertino Data Center

Greg Kumparak June 5, 201710:07 am

Here we go! Lights dimming, crowd goes bonkers

Brian Heater June 5, 201710:06 am

Greg asked Siri what this song was. Siri knew. This truly is the future. 

Greg Kumparak June 5, 201710:02 am

We’re being asked to silence our phones, which means it’s pretty much go time

Greg Kumparak June 5, 201710:01 am

All is still quiet here — no word on when things will kick off, but it should be soon.

Brian Heater June 5, 20179:54 am

Hearing reports that developers were lined up as early as 7PM last night for a good spot. 

Greg Kumparak June 5, 20179:51 am

9 more minutes!

Greg Kumparak June 5, 20179:41 am

20 minutes to go, and this place is packed

Greg Kumparak June 5, 20179:31 am

They’ve just opened the hall up to everyone, and the “no running” rules went out the window in about two seconds.

Greg Kumparak June 5, 20179:24 am

Your liveblog team for today, from left to right: Brian Heater on photos, Greg Kumparak (me!) on text updates, and Panzer with the insight and commentary

Greg Kumparak June 5, 20179:22 am

They’ve put press a good amount further away from the stage than they have in previous years. Fortunately, we’ve got a pretty big lens.

Greg Kumparak June 5, 20179:20 am

We’re in and seated. There’s no ethernet in sight, but WiFi connectivity seems solid so far, (fingers crossed.)

We’ve got about 40 minutes to go before the Keynote is scheduled to begin

Greg Kumparak June 5, 20179:19 am

Greg Kumparak June 5, 20179:18 am

Doors open! And the annual running of the reporters begins

Greg Kumparak June 5, 20179:13 am

We’re about to head in to the keynote hall

Greg Kumparak June 5, 20178:30 am

The line to get in is already forever long, but we’re right at the front. Spot the cameo from Brian Heater (the guy with the camera). He’ll be bringin’ you the photos in today’s liveblog

Greg Kumparak June 5, 20178:21 am

Badge acquired! 

Greg Kumparak June 5, 20178:20 am

Registration just opened for press, so we’re heading to get all badged up.

Greg Kumparak June 5, 20177:42 am

We’ve got a little over two hours to go. The keynote is scheduled to begin at 10 A.M. Pacific. 

Greg Kumparak June 5, 20177:39 am

We’ve still got a few hours before the keynote doors open, but there’s already a few hundred people lined up

Greg Kumparak June 5, 20177:39 am

We’re here! WWDC has shifted south this year, moving from its usual home in San Francisco to San Jose

Greg Kumparak June 5, 201712:04 am

The keynote is scheduled to begin at 10 A.M. Pacific.

You’re early, but you’re in the right spot! Come back a bit before 10 A.M. Pacific. We usually get things rolling early with photos and details from around the event as it all comes together.


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